Sunday, February 7, 2016

#snowday ? for 2.8-13 NW NJ Weather

Friday at 7:10am
Record Cold this Weekend
Friday: colder, chance of light snow
Weekend: Record cold, but mostly dry.
Dangerous Wind Chills expected (-15 to -30) !
Average temps are now increasing each week by 1-2 F
Chance of 1-2 snow days this winter:  66%
Chance of  3+ snow days this winter:  45% 


Sunday, January 31, 2016

NW NJ School day Weather #snowday Feb 1-6

Saturday at 3pm (next update Sunday morning)
Next Week: Colder Yes, Snow Maybe?
Friday: Snow (T- 4") in the AM, highest amounts eastern Passaic -Morris Co Delay 55%*
** at and east of I-287, near 0% westward into Sussex &Warren Counties  
Weekend:- Pt cloudy, colder but  dry Sunday a bit warmer M sunny
Next best chance for some snow? Next week Early  
Odds of 1 to 2 snow days this winter  75%
Odds of 3+ snow days this winter :60  55%

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

#snowday Jan 25-31 NW NJ School Day Weather

Saturday @ 7:20am
Friday: Some snow showers possible (~ 1")
Weekend: Pt sunny, low 40s, a bit warmer on Sunday.

Chance of 1-2 snow days this winter (in NW NJ) 85%  75%*
* if you did not get one yet 

Chance of more than 3 snow days this winter: 66%  55%

Sunday, January 17, 2016

1.18-23.2016 NW NJ #snowday Forecast

Saturday @ 3:10pm

Forecast for: NW NJ Counties of Sussex, Morris, Warren and Bergen.  

Saturday:Snow  totals 8-24inches* ! ending by midnight.
*Greatest amounts south of I-80, lower amounts northern areas
Strong winds expected: Power Failures Possible (keep phones charged)
Sunday: M Sunny mid 30s 
My Predictions: 
Chester: 16-24" Blairstown 12-16 Sparta 14-20. Sussex  8-12  

FYI: Next two weeks coldest on average for the year (37/17)
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Chance of a snow day this week: near0 %
Chance of 1-2 snow days this winter:90%
Chance of 3+ snow days this winter  60 %
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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Jan 11-16:#SNOWDAY weather forecast for NW NJ

TGIF  at 3:05pm

Friday:  Partly sunny, low 40s
Weekend: Light rain (some snow/ ice) on Saturday mostly in the AM, mid 40s
Chance of at least 1-2 snow days this winter:(v good) 90* %
Chance of 3 or more snow days this winter? 60* %
#snowday @woroworld
Average Temps this week 35/17
*Check back for daily changes !

Sunday, January 3, 2016

NW NJ #SNOWDAY Forecast: Jan 4-9th

Saturday 1.9.2016 @ 7:45am 

Chance of a Snow Day this week: near 0%
Chance of at least 1-2 Snow Days this winter: 90% 

Saturday: Rain Showers mid 40s,  Sunday Rain near record highs mid 50s
Next week: Back to cold weather, chance of winter weather Tues. night into Wed,
FYI: LATEST SUNRISE for the year, Jan 5th  7:22am
      Average Tps:  39/17

Check back for updates and changes.

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Sunday, December 27, 2015

NW NJ Weather Mo12/28 - Sat 1/2/2016

Jan. 2, 2016 @ 7:30 am
Chances of at least 1-2 SNOW DAYS this winter?  90%*
*Check back for updates and changes 
Happy Perihelion Day: Saturday Earth closest to the Sun !
Monday: cloudy low 50s sleet/freezing rain, less than 1 inch
Tuesday: Icy road conditions till ~11 am  then a cold rain.
Wed: Cooler mid 40s PM rain
Weekend: A bit colder upper 30s a few flurries possible.
NEXT WEEK Looking Cold but dry till the end of the week 

Avg Temps 36/18 

Check back for updates!

Monday, December 14, 2015

NW NJ Christmas week, school day weather

Saturday at 8am
Chance of a SNOW DAY by Jan 20th, 2016 = 45%*
* check back for daily updates!
Monday: M Cloudy , warmer upper 40s
Tuesday:  Rain showers warming up, 50s
Wednesday:  Rainy, Foggy, warmer mid 50s
Christmas Eve: Record temps upper 60s, rainly
Christmas Day: Partly Sunny,  upper 50s  ho ho ho
Saturday: cloudy, rain showers lower 50s
Sunday: warmer, low 60s rainy 
Chance of a rain/snow mix next early Tuesday.
Average Temps this week  36 / 17 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all !  


NW NJ School Day Weather: Dec 14-19th

T.G.I.F. @ 6:55am

Chance of snow this week 20% flurries
Chance of a White Christmas* near 0%
*1" of snow on the ground on Dec. 25th

Monday: Foggy, rain in the PM warm 55F
Tuesday: "Best Day of the Week" mostly sunny, breezy lower50s
Wednesday.: cooler 40s,
Thursday: Rain by afternoon upper 40s
Friday: M Sunny cool, 40 
Weekend: Dry, much colder, 30s,breezy, Sat. chance of some snow flurries
Next week looking warm and wet (not white).   
Average Tp: 39/20
Check back for updates ! Mw 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

NW NJ School Day Weather 12/7-12

Friday at 6:45am

Chance of snow this week? near 0%
Chance of a White Christmas? < 20% 

Mostly dry and above normal temperatures all week.
Weekend: Warming up to near record Tp (60 F
Good chance of rain, next Monday

Average Tps 44/28

Check back for updates 


Friday, November 27, 2015

NW NJ School Day weather for Nov.30-Dec 5

 12.4.2015 @9am

Chance of snow this week near 0%
SNOW DAY by Christmas Break < 20%
A White Christmas? 25 %
Check back for updates

Monday: Cool, Mostly Sunny
Tues. rain, slight chance of rain/snow mix during the day
Wed.  Rain most of the day.
Thurs-Friday: chance of a shower Thursday am then breezy, cool 40s
Weekend: "best days of the week"  Dry, cool low 50s, m sunny.

Next chance for RAIN Tuesday.
Average temps: 47/26

Check back for updates when needed.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

NW NJ Weather Nov 23-28th

Tuesday @ 6am:
A Rather Dry Week Ahead
Chance of snow this week:: near 0%

Monday- Thursday: Dry most of the week 
below average temperatures first part, warming up later in the week.
Chance of rain, late Friday into Saturday

Averages: 48 highs, lows 28

Check back for daily updates and changes

Sunday, November 15, 2015

#snowday ? Forecast for NW NJ Nov. 16-21

Saturday at 7:20 am

Next week looking mostly dry and above normal.

Chance of snow: near 0% this week.
Monday: Best Day of the Week:  sunny mid 50s
Tuesday: cooler, 40s, m sunny.
Weds: Cloudy but  "warm" 50is
Thursday; Rain most of the day
Fri-Sat: drying out, but cooler mid 40s

Avg temps for the week 48/32

Sunday, November 8, 2015

#snowday NW NJ School Day Weather Nov 9-14th

TGIF  @ 6:45am
Snow Probability for this week :  
Chance of measurable snow this week near 0%
Chance snow/ice to impact school day: 0%
Best day of the week: Monday mid 50s M Sunny
Best chance of rain showers Tuesday and Thursday
Temperatures should be a bit above average for the week
Cooler toward end of the week
Friday: Windy, cooler upper 40s
Saturday: Breezy, Dry cool upper40s at noon 
Average Temperature 52/36  NW NJ

Next Update: SUNDAY #snowday?


Monday, November 2, 2015

Afternoon School Day Weather Nov. 2-7

Thursday  @ 7am
Great  Early November week Temp WELL ABOVE NORMAL !!
Monday Sunny mid 60s
Tuesday: M Sunny upper 60s
Wed. : M Sunny, upper 60s "Nicest Day of the Week"
thursday: Slight chance of some PM rain, 60s
FRIDAY upper 60s slight chance of a shower.
Saturday: Some clouds, upper 50s, dry. (good day for a wedding too)

FYI: Average Temps 55/38

Check back for updates and changes Mw

Monday, October 26, 2015

Afternoon Sports Day Weather: Oct 26- Nov 1

Sunday at 5:20am
Monday: Sunny, cool mid 50s
Tuesday: Becoming cloudy by noon, 50s
Wednesday:  Rain most of the day, RainOuts very possible
Thursday:Becoming mostly sunny, low 60s.  wet fields
Friday: M Sunny mid 50s  Nicest Day of the Week
Saturday: M Sunny 50s
NYC Marathon Sunday: Cloudy, light south winds, temps: 10am 55   2pm 64  ( sunset 5pm )
NEXT WEEK Looks great, afternoon temps above average (60s) most days, chance of rain Thurs-Friday.

Check Back for daily updates!  Mw

Monday, October 12, 2015

NW NJ Sports Day Weather: Oct 12-17th

FRIDAY (TGIF).... at 6:45am
Monday: Mostly Sunny, upper 60s "Nicest Day of the Week"
Tuesday: Rain, noon to about 3p Temps low 60s Wet fields 95% Rain outs 20%  *tennis HIGHER
Wednesday; Sunny, breezy, chance of a "sprinkle" a bit cooler upper 50s
Thursday; Mostly sunny upper 50s
Friday; Some AM Rain, dry cool afternoon, 50s
Saturday: dry, cooler upper 40s to -50 in the afternoon,
* FIRST FROST  This Weekend ! *
Check back, updated each day !! Mw

Sunday, October 4, 2015

NW NJ Sports Afternoon weather for Oct 5-10th

FRIDAY at 8am

Monday: Mostly Sunny, low 60s
Tuesday: M. Sunny mid 60s 
Wednesday: M Sunny upper 60s "nicest day of the week"
Thursday: M sunny lower 60s
Friday: Rain/storms in the afternoon. wet fields 95%, rainouts 45%
Saturday: Cooler, Breezy, dry in the 50s
Check Back for Updates!
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(woroworld) !!  

Sunday, September 20, 2015

This weeks Sports Day Weather: Sept 21-26

Sunday @ 8pm: Another great weather  week for afternoon activities in NW NJ.
Afternoon temperature all week in the mid 70s
Near zero chance of rainouts this week again!
Check back if forecast changes
Will give heads-up on TWITTER !

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Afternoon Sports Day Forecasts: week of Sept 14-19th

Week overall looks great, mostly dry, afternoon temperatures in the 70s all week.
Chance of "rain outs" near zero for the week 
Check back for updates !! Mw

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Welcome Back to School...(Fall Outlook)

woroworld will start its weekly snowday/ sports afternoon weather forecast next week!
Long range fall outlook:  near normal precipitation and slightly above temperatures for NJ.

Temperature outlook for Sept,Oct & Nov.

Check back for updates !!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Graduation Weather: June 22-27

Monday @8am:
Monday: "Best Day of the Week" mid 70s M sunny
Tuesday: Hot/Humid, good change of PM thunder
Weds: Not bad ! M Sunny
Thurday-Friday; hotter, chance of PM rain


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Graduation Weather: June 15-20th

Sunday @7pm
Monday-Tuesday: Chance of afternoon thunder/rain
Wednesday: Best day of the week
Thursday: A better chance of rain
Friday: Scattered thunderstorms/rain

Average Temperature: Highs mid 80s/ low 60s

Monday, April 13, 2015

Sports Week weather forecast: April 13-18

Monday: Best Day of the Week: 70, M sunny
Tuesday: Showers (wet fields, possible  postponements)
Wednesday: Cloudy but dry
Thursday: M Sunny, 60s
Friday: Chance of showers lower 60s (slight chance of postponement)
Saturday: M Sunny upper 60s
Avg Tps: upper 50s/ lower 40s

Check back for updates ! Mw

Sunday, April 5, 2015

School Day/ Sports Day foreacst for April 6-11

Wed 8pm:
PUT A FORK IN IT, WINTER IS OVER : Chance of "snow day" 2%
Upcoming week: warmer but wet
Monday: Best Day of the Week, 60s, pt sunny
Tuesday-Friday: 50s, chance of showers/ thunder most day\
Saturday: Nice, 50s M sunny
Average Tps this week:  mid50s/low30s

Check back for updated

Monday, March 16, 2015




Sunday, March 8, 2015

March 9-14 NW NJ #snowday? forecast

Thursday @11:15am:
Chance of another  #snowday this year is  ~55% till April 15th
Tuesday: Afternoon, cold rain
Wednesday: Best day of the week, 55 and sunny
Thursday Dry, average  temperatures, windy
Friday: Late afternoon  rain.     
Saturday: Cold rain most of the day

Check back for updates

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fall prediction: Above Normal Temperatures:

N.O.A.A. prediction for this fall is ABOVE NORMAL TEMPERATURES and average precipitation:

Monday, September 1, 2014

NOAA's long range "prediction" is for a normal winter

"NORMAL WINTER" is for ~60" of snow in northern Sussex/ Bergen Counties and about 40" in southern  Warren / Morris counties. This would translate to 2-5 Snow Days for the season. Mw

Sunday, March 16, 2014

#snowday Forecast March 16-22

Sunday 7am: Sunday: Pt sunny and cold 30s. Next week  All indications are for a strong storm to form off the New Jersey coast on Tuesday, its impact on NW NJ is still uncertain at this time. Next update by 11am Sunday 


Saturday, March 1, 2014

#snowday Forecast 3/2-3/8

Thursday 7pm: Rest of the week mostly dry with little chance of any significant snow. Temperatures will remain below normal with highs in the low 40s and lows in the teens.  Saturday temps near or above normal !  Next chance of snow looks like middle of next week. Next update if forecast changes.   Mw  

Saturday, February 22, 2014

#snowday Forecast for 2/23-3/1

Saturday 8am  No significant snow expected the rest of this week. Nighttime temperatures falling back to single digits. High temperatures still below average in the low 30s.

 **  A very good chance for snow is Sunday into most of Monday, at this time current forecast is for 6 inches. **   NEXT UPDATE: Saturday pm    Mw 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

UPDATED: #snowday Forecast 2/16-22

Fri 5am: THE WORSE IS OVER.... for this week. FRIDAY: FOG, Rain, some flooding possible...Watch out for "Black Ice" in the mornings as melting snow re-freezes overnight!   Rest of the week temperatures in the 40s, cloudy with some rain and maybe thunder on Friday. Next chance of snow is around Tuesday of next week. 

Check back for updates.  

Thursday, January 23, 2014

NEXT WEEK'S WEATHER: (but first: A moon attack.... sort of)

video (45sec): FUNNY- ENJOY !   * weather forecast posted just below *

Astronauts Attacked By Monster On The Moon... by mistersexybuzz 

                           Weather Forecast BELOW 

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Old Famer's Almanac "predictions" for the winter 2013-2014

The 2013 Old Farmer's Almanac's predictions for snow for north-western New Jersey (Sussex County) & surrounding areas. NOTE: This is a "prediction" based on sunspots, past weather patterns & a current understand in meteorology. It is NOT a weather forecast based on current weather conditions

OCT: Above average temperatures, no snow predicted.
NOV: Chance of cold rain or snow showers beginning and end of the month, no major snow events
DEC: No major snow events: but multiple days of rain/snow followed by very cold conditions
JAN: Above average temperatures, no major snow events.
FEB: (1-3) Heavy rain or snow followed by very cold weather, (16-18th) another storm with snow possible, (21-22) another chance of snow
MARCH: snow showers early in the month, (17th) heavy rain

Overall: Winter should be cooler and drier than normal. Best chance of snow is in December and February. 

Graduation: JUNE: (22-30) Sunny & Hot with T-storms then cooler temperatures


Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday, June 3, 2013

(Update) Coming this winter: "Comet Of the Century" ?

Updated:  As of September 15, 2013: Comet ISON does not expect to be a "Spectacular Comet"

Monday, April 1, 2013

PUT A FORK IN IT, Winter is done !

With temperatures expected to rise into the low 60s by early next week.  It is safe ( 95%) to say the chances of a "snow day"are near zero.  There is still a small chance of a delay due to icy conditions in the mornings.  NOTE: May 9, 1977 ( I was in college and disco was on the radio) we got 10" of snow at High Point.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wintery Mix: Monday afternoon into Tuesday

(Monday @ 9pm):   Snow tonight, 4-6"  before changing to sleet / freezing rain by morning and then possibly to just a cold rain before ending on Tuesday.  Conditions will be worse in areas above 800' and the more north you go.   Chance of Delay on Tuesday 70%, No Schools on Tuesday =40%.  Next Update if forecast changes. Mw